Musicians for the Greater Good is a community of musicians and artists dedicated to keeping alive and relevant America’s long-standing tradition of social justice and protest song music and spoken word. We write and perform music that speaks to the important social issues of our times such as human rights, immigration, the environment, economic inequality, racial justice, and more. This site is intended as a space where you can find out about MGG, learn about our past, current, and future shows and become involved.

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Next show:

Sunday, November 13th: MGG Gun Violence Prevention concert, 5pm EST

Gun violence has reached epidemic proportions across America. Hardly a week goes by without an incident of mass shooting occurring at a school, workplace or even house of worship. In addition to that, the level of daily homicides is at an all time high in many American cities. Gun violence is estimated to cost Americans $229 billion every year. While the Biden administration did manage to get through some minimal level gun control legislation in this last session of Congress, much remains to be done. For example there is an urgent need for the banning of assault weapons such as AK 47s. This concert will bring together an outstanding group of musicians and spoken word artists to raise funds for non-profit organizations working to get needed gun legislation passed at the federal and state levels—Brady United and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense (Rhode Island Branch). To attend this timely event please go here. To donate to these organizations go here

Upcoming shows:

January 2023 (date TBA) : MGG World Peace concert


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