Our Story

“Music and art can be a form of nonviolent protest.” Eddie Vedder

In the middle of the Trump administration, in the pre-pandemic era, a handful of
musicians in the Boston area came together to commiserate about what was
happening to their country. “We can’t remain silent.” We need to do something.
”Where is Bob Marley and Woody Guthrie?” they exclaimed.

And so they decided to form Musicians for the Greater Good — a network of
musicians committed to reviving the long-standing tradition of American protest
and social justice music. From the Revolutionary War (“United we stand divided
we fall” ) to the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement (“We shall
overcome”) Americans have always used music to express their concerns for
justice, freedom and democracy.

But for over the past several decades the sound of protest music has been largely
missing as our country has gone through a period of tumultuous political and
social upheaval. The founding members of MGG believe it is time to reverse this
For the past two years they have worked together as volunteers to organize a
series of concerts in support liberal political candidates and social justice causes
and organizations around the world,. Their concerts have benefitted the Rafael
Warnock and Jon Ossoff political campaigns, the Biden-Harris election, the Voter
Protection Corps, the Native American group Lakota Kids, Earth Day, the New
England Wildlife Center, Peace Now, and the Justinian University Hospital in Haiti.
MGG concerts have been highlighted by many well known national and
international musicians including David Roth, Tom Smith, Don White, Christine
Lavin, Tom Prasado-Rao, Tom Chapin, Joe Jencks, Vance Gilbert, Zilli Misik, Yair
Dalal, and others.

“We want to provide an opportunity for musicians to use their art to make a
difference” says Ron Israel, MGG Co-Founder. Stephen Martin, another co-
Founder says that “our democracy is at stake; it’s all hands on deck as far as
musicians are concerned.” MGG organizing committee member Neal Braverman
adds: “We take no money for ourselves. We give all that we take in at our
concerts bring in to the organizations that need our help.” “The musicianship on
these concerts has been amazing. Audiences live it.” Says Karen Sauer, another
MGG organizing committee member.